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ASMARA Art Collection

Some Samples

We have chosen some of our favourite items for you to view.

Our products are expertly handcrafted in Lombok, Bali, Java and Sumba, to mention just a few places, in Indonesia.

Our craftsmen and women create these products for us using traditional, natural materials and methods that have been handed down through generations. At Asmara, we give some of these treasures a little twist of modern design.

Hand-woven textiles and baskets, earthenware pottery, wood and bamboo carvings and palm leaf boxes are just a small sample of Lombok's products that are famous throughout the Indonesian Archipelago - they are internationally renowned too.

Here are some of our customers' favourite things...


A selection of cushion covers made from Lombok's fine hand-woven textiles on a big storage bench.

The huge box bench measures 230x110x110cm and is made in Java from reclaimed teak.

Also shown are carved wooden holders for displaying wall hangings, these can be made to order for almost any width.

The small hanging, (far right), depicts some traditional Sasak designs.

The oval box bag is woven from mountain grass and measures 30x23x6cm.

Asmara Collection includes some fine examples of hand woven cotton textiles. Most of them are dyed using natural materials such as indigo, roots and barks. These range in size from 110x200cm to 127x260cm.

Also very popular are woven placemats from both rattan and mountain grass in different sizes and forms.



These earthenware pieces are functional as well as beautiful.

The wide shallow bowls come in sets of 3, the largest measuring 27cm diameter, 8cm height.

The small lidded casserole dish measures 21cm diameter, 13cm height and the side plates measure 23cm diameter each.

All are shown here in black and mottled brown finish.

The palm wood salad servers, spatula and large spoon are also available in coconut wood, these all measure approximately 35cm in length.

Round table with several examples of handcrafted wooden art, statues and bowls, traditional and new. A Sasak drum is below on the left side.

  Round table

This is just a small selection of our ever-changing collection.
Do come to browse on your next visit!

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